Partner Sandro Lee Spoke at SingCham Shanghai Tech Tuesday

Partner Sandro Lee Spoke at SingCham Shanghai Tech Tuesday: Investment in Tech.

The 7th edition of Tech Tuesday titled “Investment in Tech: How VCs and Startups Partner for Success” invited guest speakers from diverse background to share a comprehensive view on investment partnerships in Tech firms. The 6 professionals included 3 guest speakers from venture capital firms and 3 other speakers from startups who have received funding from venture capital. 

Mr Sandro Lee sharing

Mr Sandro Lee, partner of COCOCAPITAL, is a member of the Robotics Branch of the China Society of Mechanical Engineering and a mentor of the Industrial Elite Project of Tsinghua University. He has worked for Chuangzhi Tiandi-Tsinghua Science Park and Ryan Group, and is responsible for leading the establishment of the InnoSpace Angel Investment Fund.

COCOCAPITAL was established in 2015 and is a new venture capital investment brand under the famous science and technology space operator COCOSPACE. COCOCAPITAL is committed to providing the highest quality capital services for innovative start-ups. Our investors include SOE groups, listed companies, government guidance funds, and professional parent funds. 


Following the sharing by all speakers, a moderated dialogue session was conducted to help the audience better engage with the speakers. 

This session of SingCham Shanghai Tech Tuesday is proudly sponsored by Saxo Bank.

“ Kickstarted in January 2019, SingCham Shanghai Tech Tuesday is a monthly event series initiated by SingCham Shanghai’s Innovation and Technology Sub-Committee. The series aims to share practical use cases of emerging technologies to help SingCham Shanghai members, affiliated communities and their invited friends apply emerging technologies to their businesses and advance their personal career interests. Our target participants include industry professionals, business owners, technologists, and students who find the topics relevant for personal growth and the sessions relevant for business networking.”






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